We are authorised dealers of Tait, GME, Hytera & Kenwood
We are a member of

We are a member of the Radio Frequency Users Association of New Zealand Inc.


About us
Founded in the mid 1930's Ashleys Electronics has a long history in the communications industry in Canterbury and North Otago.

During the 1970's we changed direction when we became a Tait mobile radio dealer.

The Government deregulations in 1989 cleared the way for Ashleys Electronics to move from not just providing two way radio equipment but also providing Network Services and at this point the Company began to develop its own high level repeater sites. Since that time we can now offer extensive Network Services to suit the needs of our clients.

The Company
We have a team of seven people, including a registered ARC (Accredited Radio Certifier), staff holding NZDE (New Zealand Diploma in Electronics) and RTC (Radio Technician Certificate). As the Company is a Service Provider we are also registered with the Government Radio Spectrum Management Department. Hence we are able to offer a wide area of assistance in radio engineering and deployment.

David Thomson - Managing Director
• Started as an apprentice in 1970
• Moved from appliance & TV servicing to mobile radio in the mid-70s with change of company direction
• Purchased the company in 1984
• Past chairman of Radio Frequency Users Association of NZ for 9 years.
• Believes in the future of radio for essential services such as police, fire, ambulance as well as industrial mobile radio for farming, transport and forestry.

Ashleys Electronics