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Ashley Communications Ltd has the radio for you! We can supply Tait, GME, Icom, Kenwood, and Hytera along with other key product brands to be able to offer you the specific solution to best suit your requirements.

We also supply personal locator beacons, satellite phones, cellphone range extenders, and many other communication devices.

Our fully equipped workshops in Timaru and Invercargill mean we can offer installation and repair services too.

Some of our radio product offers emergency and lone worker functionality, and we offer access to software platforms to allow worker location and safety monitoring to be easily managed.

Contact us today to discuss your communication needs.


Ashley Communications has an extensive network of high level radio repeater sites.

We have solutions available for almost any communication requirement, ranging from a few radios in a local area right up to nationwide coverage for hundreds of radios. Our shared service options allow us to offer incredibly cost effective coverage.

We can custom design strategically located repeaters (both temporary and permanent) to cover specific events or areas that aren't already covered by existing networks, and we have options for factory communications too.

VHF and UHF radio allows us to cover a large area where traditional cellular coverage doesn't quite reach, and is usually much more reliable in a major event.

We also can offer last mile internet services, both temporary (remote events) and permanent via our partner company yonder.co.nz

If you require reliable and cost effective communications, contact us today.

Hire Services

Ashley Communications has a large hire radio fleet available for your next event! If you require 2 or even 200 radios, we can supply the appropriate equipment to ensure you have communications where you need it the most.

We have temporary "rapid deploy" repeaters available to offer wide area coverage in a specific area for the duration of your event.

Perhaps you have a big harvest coming up and need some extra radios for a few weeks, have a big motor racing event to run, or you might be cycling the length of the country. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


Ashley Communications is a modern company with a long history in the South Canterbury and North Otago regions.

The original company, Ashley's Electronics Ltd, was founded in the mid 1930's and among other things charged batteries and sold bicycles. The focus then shifted to televisions, and then changed direction again during the 1970's when we became a Tait mobile radio dealer.

In 1984 David Thomson purchased the business from the original Ashley family.

The Government deregulation of the radio industry in 1989 cleared the way for Ashley's Electronics to move from not just providing two way radio equipment but also providing radio network services and at this point the company began to develop its own high level repeater sites. From then our network has kept on expanding and we are proud to be able to offer bespoke radio network solutions to our customers today.

Ashley Electronics Ltd changed hands again in 2020 to the current owners Carl and Shonagh Garner, and was renamed to Ashley Communications Ltd to better reflect the main focus of the business.

In November 2021, Ashley Communications expanded south and aquired what was Jackson and Wills communications in Invercargill. Jackson and Wills also has a rich history, dating back to 1947 where Doug Jackson and Maurice Wills first started the company and were the first to bring commercial VHF radio to Southland.

Ashley Communications is a proud sponsor of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.
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